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We continue to shine the spotlight the biggest and best emerging acts from across the UK. Each Monday, we ask one of our esteemed tippers to select five of their hottest tips to be featured on the site throughout the week.

Next up we have Ryan Morgan, founder of Leeds promoters Pizza For The People – putting both music & street food together under one umbrella. Their gig night fittingly titled ‘Indie Banquet’ sees plenty of upcoming talent play in independent venues across Leeds and has a growing reputation as a night not to be missed. It has so far seen the likes of The Wytches, The Orielles and Vulgarians amongst a whole host of names that have played for them in their first year as promoters.

Discover some of the best new artists and bands around right now with Ryan’s tips below.


Hotel Lux are a band leading the way for a generation at the moment, with lyrical intent and murky undertones. This is the London-based outfits’ second effort which is a bleak but beautifully crafted portrayal of ‘The Last Hangman’ , a brooding masterpiece that has been on my stereo since its release.



Lice are a self-proclaimed, satirical art-punk band who’ve been aurally assaulting ears since late 2016. Their debut single ‘The Human Parasite’ grabbed my attention and never let go with screeching lyrics from lead singer Alastair and a dark bass line throughout, this track certainly leaves me wanting more.



YOWL are a 5-piece, garage-rock band hailing from the capital that bring dark sounds to your ears and, trust me, they are sounds your ears need to be listening to!



BDRMM are a 5-piece who have rapidly injected a much needed burst of summer freshness into the Hull music scene and are a band that I’ve been mad about for a while. First seeing them live, I knew I needed to listen to them again and again, sounding like the perfect cocktail of indie-groovers Homeshake, jangly slackers DIIV and otherworldly shoe-gazers Slowdive. This troop have been honing their sound to epic proportions ever since their bedroom beginnings.



Chest Pains are a Fuzzed out Post-Punk 4-piece, with an eclectic arsenal of songs, known for their high-energy live performances. They’ve also recently spent a bit of time at The Nave working with producer Tom Orrell to capture this belter as one of their first releases as a band.

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