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Grime seems to be having something of a renaissance. A second generation of grime artists, inspired by pioneers such as Skepta, are riding this wave of popularity right into the Royal Albert Hall or onto the stage at the BRIT Awards. But even as grime hits the mainstream, there’s still an underground scene packed with talent.

Rising MC Big Zuu has been on the scene for around 3 years, a fixture of the pirate radio circuit, which has also seen a resurgence thanks to the rise of Internet stations. His latest EP, Mic Ty x Big Zuu, which was recorded in just 24 hours, captures that furious spirit that captured imaginations back in Roll Deep’s heyday. The challenge of recording an EP in 24 hours has given it an exciting turbulence, hurtling along at a ferocious pace. It’s a commanding piece of work that shows there is definitely life in the grime scene beyond what you can see on the BBC.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tip by Paul Gibbins


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