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Remember, remember the fifth of November. So goes the famous rhyme. For many, the reasons we remember may have been forgotten but the traditions remain. Fireworks explode – filling dark autumnal nights with flashes of colour as the bright, auburn embers of flames flicker in the deep, dusky nights. Bonfire night, celebrated this time every year.

Down in the capital, however, an altogether different flame is about to ignite. ‘Bonfire‘ The debut single from London quartet The Hunna burns brightly and acts as an ambitious statement of intent.

Built around its frantic, anthemic call to arms chorus, the track is reminiscent of Tipping Point favourites Eliza and the Bear an their triumphant, guitar driven pop.

Produced by Tim Larcombe (Lana Del Rey, Halsey) and mixed by Dan Grech (Wolf Alice, Circa Waves), the track has a sweet polished feel to it, while maintaining the raw energy that you imagine would make this the highlight of their live set.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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