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Peaness, the essence of pea; green, round, served alongside chicken and chips, or, Chester based Indie-Pop trio? Personally, the I’m much more drawn to the latter.

The groups latest track, ‘Oh George’ is a fun, upbeat track to listen to that flows along very nicely. Harmonising vocals trade off well with catchy guitar riffs that are carried along with popping and driving drum lines for three minutes of good lively fun.

Delve into the lyrics though and it becomes clear that ‘Oh George’ is an airy pop indie song with a political message that is very anti George Osborne. ‘You only think of your own’ echoes out sweetly, but it’s a scathing note to the Conservative Chancellor, and lines like ‘all your friends are just as bad’ shows that the anger isn’t to be taken out on Gideon alone.

Oh George’ presents surprisingly effective political rhetoric through the vessel of Indie-pop, the bouncy joy that you hear in the music is a huge contrast to the overall message of the song, and the affect that the government is having on people, and it’s a contrast that Peaness should be commended on pulling off so effectively in such a neat package.

Words from Rich Anderson

Tipped by Ray Thomas

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