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The West Londoner’s name may ring a bell to many, as earlier in the year she featured on Draper’s ‘Home’. They team up again, this time with Mkulu for Abi Ocia’s first solo release, resulting in a more atmospherically chilled track. Whilst the rhythm is more laid-back the seat taken is upon a throne above the many other artists battling for attention in the soulful electronica inspired genre.

‘Running’ is deep yet filled to the brim with honesty. The piano and synths provide the breezing distance between the glistening vocals, samples and percussive snaps. The relaxed euphoric flow is fitting for a variety of backdrops whether it’s looking at the rain through the window of a London apartment, or looking out across the sun shining beaches of the Mediterranean.

Demand for more is sure to be high. With a first release instantly grabbing a great deal of fanfare, hopefully an inspired second will follow soon.

Words by Dan Shannon

Tipped by Rob Duffy from The Indie Curator

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