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Tender strings and eye-brow raising falsetto form today’s musical slice of something sweet in the form of Newcastle’s Ajimal.

The folk singer speaks about quiet desperation in Apathy/Apatheia and the song becomes something you want to pause your day to listen to, enjoying the isolation of the piano and wonderous falsetto.

At the same time though, powerful surges come from the string section creating musical builds reminiscent of Elbow and with Ajimal’s charming high notes, a comparison to Guy Garvey isn’t out of the question.

There is much more to the artist than meets the eye though. This is not just a singer, this is a project. As he says on his soundcloud page, Ajimal brings together creatives from many art forms including music, film, story-telling and more.

There is an album to come in November too which has been created across studios and more interestingly hospitals, churches and theatres across the North East.We look forward to hearing the album in November but one thing’s for sure and that’s Apathy/Apatheia has a 100% Wow factor guarantee.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Jen Roberts at Society of the Golden Slippers

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