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Alice Olivia rose to popularity with her Youtube covers of chart-pop songs. The Cambridge based musician gives us a taste of her own sound with her first single ‘Lovers‘ from her debut EP ‘Wanderlands‘.

What is immediately apparent is that ‘Lovers‘ is far more left-field than the covers that made her popular. The song itself is surrounded with heavy pulsing electronics alongside jittery fragile samples and pitched-down vocals which immediately shows a darker, R&B alternative shade of pop.

Immediate comparisons would relate Olivia to the likes of Banks and Kacy Hill right down to the themes of their music. Lyrically the track is about helplessly watching a person you love stay in a destructive relationship. The track itself encapsulates desperation for change in such a circumstance and is helped by Olivia’s incredibly versatile and strong vocal. Her British twang also makes for a fresher and definitive layer to the song.

Lovers‘ shows that Alice Olivia’s talents are beyond simple covers. The single is a strong autumnal effort that leaves us wanting more.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Wayne C McDonald


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