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Probably the very last thing you’d expect to come out of Lancaster, Aquilo took the blogosphere by storm last month with their debut track ‘Calling Me’. This factoid does make their Facebook page, which states it was created only two days ago, somewhat confusing, though we should probably assume they simply wanted a refresh of the much-valued social media.

Rewinding back a month, a plethora of taste maker blogs appeared to simultaneously jump on Aquilo, immediately drawing comparisons to the XX and James Blake. However before we get to that, Aquilo originally started life as Fletcher and Higham, and the transformation was fully complete as they both welcomed an additional two band members into the fold. With their identity solidified, ‘Calling Me’ deserved the critical acclaim it received, as it is a striking debut release for an outfit obviously talented in the most subtle methods of production.

Full of space, ‘Calling Me’ encompasses a pop core with a finely crafted arrangement of guitars and sprinkles of percussion, producing a sound that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is infectious to listen to. Certainly a band to watch in 2013, we wait patiently for Aquilo’s sophomore effort.

Words by Ben Blackburn

Tippeed by Robin Seamer from Breaking More Waves

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