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“You never know if you don’t ask” seems to be the moral of the story surrounding the recording of Belfast-based folk band Arborist’s latest single, ‘Twisted Arrow’.

In search of a unique voice to add to the wonderful folk ballad of wandering and heartache, vocalist Mark McCambridge decided to get in touch with Kim Deal of Pixies and The Breeders fame.

Impressed by the song, and the band as a whole, the notoriously workshy Deal recorded her vocals while trying to contend with the noise of a neighbour’s New Year’s Eve party.

Deal’s vocals are a perfect fit, the harmony between her and McCambridge a sheer joy to listen to; her delicate smokiness working in wonderful contrast to McCambridge’s more pronounced folky vocals.

With jangly guitars and trotting percussion to boot, alongside warm lilting strings, ‘Twisted Arrow’ is a magical slice of Americana style folk storytelling.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Mark Gordon from Generator NI

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