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Anytime someone says autobahn, admittedly it’s not the commonest occurrence but it does happen (especailly after blasting for 2 hours in the wrong direction on a recent trip to Germany), I am overcome with only one thought, electronic krautrock. I’d grown to accept that Kraftwerk had tragically conditioned me; I was to be this way forever, no escape from the loop. That was until I listened to the Leeds based ‘Autobahn’ who have finally released me from the torment, now I’ve got something else to go to when I watch Jeremy Clarkson blast down some German motorways on Dave.

The post-punk five piece funnel feelings of Bauhaus and The Horrors and intense is probably the best way to describe ‘Society’, which comes from their debut EP ‘Dissemble’, released on the 21st of August.

The song sets off strong with a commanding bass line throbbing away whilst the rest of the band buzz with a childish excitement waiting to get going, all the while dulcet and deep vocals nestle in and get set to go. After about 40 seconds, everything come’s in and it’s full steam ahead for the rest of the song. Everything layers together, with all elements having a place and purpose that add their own little something to the sound. The song drives straight through with no hesitance for a full 4 minutes of dark and imposing excellence and is a real treat for fans of that experimental 80s post-punk sound.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tip by Jamie Coughlan from Overblown Zine

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