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There’s nothing like a good chorus to get your spirits up, especially when those spirits have been crushed by the post festival death knell. After four days of hedonism in a field, it was a nice relief to find something other than a four-to-the-floor deep house beat in my fragile ears. Bad Family are the ones assuring my hangover will not get any worse and for that I’m forever thankful.

The band produce some very neat sounds on their debut Real Fast Car, which contains all the hallmarks of a classic chorus-driven indie rock, without feeling like a tired Courteeners rip-off. The track has a refreshing lack of ego, using familiar melodies and jangling piano chords that transport you back to a simpler time, before everyone was obsessed with hip electronic drum claps and hip ambience. It’s hard not to think of those 00’s indie-urchin revivalists Catfish and the Bottlemen when listening to the Real Fast Car, but it’s woven with a lot less ladishness than their guitar swinging peers’ popular (and also slightly annoying) output. It’s early days for Bad Family but with a catchy debut like this, they’re certainly off to a promising start.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Ach Dhillon from Killing Moon

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