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I fell in love with Bad Fit the moment I checked out their Facebook page before listening to their debut single ‘Strong Forever’ and noticed It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia listed in their ‘Band Interests’.

They also list Weezer, Tuborg, Heineken and J-Lo as their interests, and to be honest, I was expecting a Weezer-esque catchy pop punk party racket. So the shimmering, dreamy indie pop of ‘Strong Forever’ came as quite a surprise; a jangly pleasant surprise.

More C86 than punk, there’s an effortless quality to the track that falls somewhere between melancholic and nonchalant, led by Grace Loughrey’s swooning vocals which purvey a sense of delicate longing.

This style of 80s indebted indie pop can often fall into the trap of being too saccharine to the point of sickly, but the Northern Irish four-piece avoid sugar-coating to create an honest exercise in careful dynamics; a bittersweet breath of fresh air.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tipped by Jamie Coughlan from Overblown

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