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Bassette has the kind of voice that is instantly arresting. Able to catch even the minute emotions and flick between them with ease, ‘Suffocating’ is a great example of Bassette‘s ability to say a lot with a little.

Bassette begins the track trying to unpack where things went wrong with a confused urgency in her voice. By the time she breaks into the chorus, “I’m suffocating/’cause I’m only breathing for you”, it’s quietly painful. There’s no bombast here, no drama. It’s more a stark realisation of the parasitic nature of the relationship; a personal victory that concerns no-one but herself. Ready to get rid of bad rubbish, things become so much clearer as her voice gets more and more self-assured. Hereafter, the clouds begin to part as synths start to twinkle and the harsh yet minimal beats begin to drop away.

Her debut EP, ‘Midnight Sound’, is due for release on BGM soon.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Wayne C McDonald

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