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Gentle and melodic yet reflective and pensive are that of a few things Bess Atwell brings with her track ‘Cobbled Streets’. With influences from Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, singer-songwriter Bess has been rising quickly with her elegant and engaging folk-indie presence after performing at The Great Escape and being played on Radio 1, gaining some very well deserved attention.

Throughout the track ‘Cobbled Streets’, Bess’s velvet voice is mesmerising as it glides effortlessly next to the poignant guitar riff, which is soft with a slight electronic backing that reflects perfectly the pivotal point to the song. The upbeat instrumental with its gentle rhythm alongside Bess’s vocal uncertainty of a path and identity imitates the falling into a lulled pattern in everyday to which we don’t realise nor understand.

The subtlety of this through the music and lyrics together is what makes this track more enlightening the longer you listen, where the realisation of wondering and questioning in life is something most of us will have undoubtedly felt at some point too.

The mellow, retro synth and simple guitar and drums are beautifully paired with Bess’s vocals, which are both so charming but even better together. The simplicity of this track is indefinitely what makes it worth a listen, or three.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Dom Frazer from The Boiler Room

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