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“For a second I lost myself” – from Billy Lockett’s new release, ‘Hands Tied’ – his lyrics pretty much have that effect, hitting you right in the solar plexus. Starting gently, the track builds powerfully throughout, drawing you in and carrying you along with it. Lockett’s vocals are distinctive and unusual and sit perfectly alongside the piano-led accompaniment.

Originally from Northampton, 25-year-old Lockett has previously toured with the likes of Lana Del Ray and Birdy. The death of his father caused him to re-evaluate his style and motives, after taking a break he took the decision to simply write, ‘songs that I love’, in the hope that they would also resonate with his audience.

Lockett describes ‘Hands Tied’ as being about, “coming to your senses after being in a brain-washing relationship”. Realising that having lost yourself for a while and done things that are out of character, you can learn from those mistakes and move on.

Written in the basement of his childhood home, Billy has tapped into the depth of his emotion and put it to effective use. Wonderfully crafted, this song demonstrates his undoubted talent as a songwriter. I feel sure his father would be immensely proud of the results, in line with the theme of the song, something positive emerging out of sadness.

‘Hands Tied’ is just – beautiful – I highly recommend that you take a second to lose yourself in it too.

Words by Jackie Lees

Tipped by Rob from Fresh On The Net

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