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Abrupt, moody and strange.

These three words could describe teens just on the verge of their first growth spurt, but they also describe Blumenkind’s “Clung To (Part 3).” Unlike the teenager, however, ‘Clung To (Part 3)’ is pleasant on the ears. In just the first few seconds of listening, it becomes evident that this multi-layered tune is loaded with scratchy samples that, when combined, form an intriguingly complex stew of ambient noise.

The vocals of Elsa Hewitt, the mind behind Blumenkind, add a ghostly pallor to the track, which is a sequel to ‘Clung To (Part 2)’. I could not find the first installment of these, but it’s possible there isn’t one at all… Hewitt’s work seems abstract and disconnected, leaving the listener to pick out the clues and put the pieces together.

Blumenkind is German for “flower child,” but don’t be fooled- there’s nothing flowery about Hewitt’s work. This track, and its predecessor, reflect a tangle of complex darkness.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tip by Rob from Brighton Music Blog

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