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Getting your first track premiered by The Fader isn’t a bad way to start proceedings, and that’s exactly what new London artist Bo Rocha has done with ‘Tangerine Flake’.

Cinematic, soothing and calm, the track is sparsely populated with atmospheric percussive parts that make it all the more powerful.

The track title comes from a Tom Wolfe essay about customised cars in 1960s Los Angeles, and that’s where a lot of the inspiration lies.

When asked about her new song, Bo said: “I wanted to fetishize and capture—kinda like a photographer would—that moment when you commit, in your head, to gambling on something that could make or break absolutely everything.”

Keep an eye out for Bo Rocha, judging from ‘Tangerine Flake’, she’s going places.

Words by Patrick Swift

Tipped by Rob Platts from Junk City

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