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Today’s Tipping Point comes from Glaswegian duo Bossy Love. Amandah Wilkinson and John Ballie Jr are known for their work in indie guitar based acts Operator Please and Dananananaykroyd. The sound that the duo make together could not be more different from their past and that’s an entirely welcomed thing.

The pair’s track ‘Want Some‘ is a sassy, full of life number, with a rich catalogue of hooks. Fans of electronic, soulful R&B such as Nao and Alunageorge will not be disappointed by the track. The duo differ from these comparisons via a plethora of well produced beats, with some bass wobs nodding towards the like of SBTRKT. The music also really suits Wilkinson’s saccharine tinged vocal.

Want Some‘ boasts a lot of potential and displays Bossy Love’s potential to become a big name. The duo have found a promising partnership that boasts individuality whilst being relatable enough to infiltrate the headphones of any alternative pop fan.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Halina Rifai from Glasgow Podcart 

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