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From the first few guitar chords, you could be mistaken to think you’re about to hear an indie-rock track, yet it’s swiftly overtaken by an ensemble of much higher pitched mellow riffs joined with a chilled out drum rhythm. West London dream pop quartet BOYS have been likened to Beach Fossil and almost remind me of the laid back sound of The Drums.

‘Nice Guys’ is the first and only track they’ve released online, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘American Dream’ and it’s a gloriously intriguing taster of what’s to come. Short and sweet it coincides perfectly with the welcomed burst of summer we’ve had recently, with the track being a dreamy mixture of rich guitar solos and drums under soft echo-y vocals that have a nostalgic retro pop feel with an indie twist.

The single feels easy and natural with it’s laid back, summer vibe and I think the band are pretty refreshing and smart to debut this track with no surrounding promotion or music, but a few hints and themes throughout to leave people intrigued as to what they’re doing. I’ll be watching out for what BOYS do next, for sure.

Words by Rebecca Jackson

Tipped by Dave Maul

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