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Pride of Leeds, the sweetly fuzzy Bruising have dropped another cracker in ‘What It Feels Like’ – taking the Valentines Day slot in Too Pure Singles Club release schedule, this is a loved-up tune for the outsider.

A Generation X lament on modern love – “falling asleep with my phone in my hand, foolishly hoping it will ring again” being the most poignant lyric, generating an image that 20/30-somethings will find it all too easy to relate to.

Saccharine and succinctly harmonised vocal hooks foreshadow grungy guitar riffs, echoing the sounds of stateside acts like LVL UP or Alex G, alongside the faux twee-ness of  UK acts Martha, Mammoth Penguins or Los Campesinos!. Now nearing the top of the ‘When’s the album coming?’ list, Bruising’s beautiful combo of gritty sounds and heart-melting melodies hits the spot every time.

Echoing this notion, and leaving the last word to the band themselves: “despite clearly being hard ass punks, we’re all sentimental romantics at heart”.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Matty Aston

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