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Now, I’m no expert on anti-hair metal (from Cardiff), which I’m reliably informed is Buzzard’s genre, but what I DO know is that I’m liking the sounds that this mantra generates. Throw a dart through time and space and if it lands somewhere between Wavves and The Beach Boys, you’ll likely land square on ‘In Vain’, the vitamin-D fuelled new ditty from the aforementioned Buzzard.

There’s also a touch of the Only Fools and Horses theme about it in its bubbly rhythms and lilting guitars (although, I do hear this tune everyday thanks to it being my housemates alarm, so maybe it’s just inescapably embedded into my brain…).

The vocal melodies throughout, both in the lead and backing vocals, are proper ear-worms, backed by classic chord changes and instrumentation. This all results in a pleasant harking back to a nostalgic time in a much more effective way than any subtly sepia-toned Insta filters ever could.

All in all, ‘In Vain’, out now on Rat Trap records, should be an indie summer playlist certainty.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Ray Thomas

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