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In Spanish cambio means change. Change is a rather fitting word when describing the music of Cambio Sun. Never really pinning himself down to one style, Charlie Tait aka Cambio Sun follows up last year’s ‘Mad As They Come’ with another potent, broad soundscape.

Spritely strummed stuttering acoustics ease ‘Be A Man’ into the fray. Electronic beeps blink distantly as the track slowly begins to wake up. A drum crashes and suddenly it becomes an otherworldly, captivating blend of genre, backed by powerful atmospherics.

Threatening beats pulsate over the track’s lavish production; elements of folk are gently sprinkled in, with Cambio’s evocative vocals perhaps bringing to mind the likes Bon Iver and Ben Howard. As the track begins to race to its cacophonous conclusion patterns of shoegaze daydreams briefly begin to emerge. Cambio Sun… change you can believe in.

Words by George Shaw

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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