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Today’s tip is Camelia Spritz. There’s little to say about who she is and where she’s from; but what we do know is that the music made under this name is very new to the world. Her Soundcloud releases are only a month old and her Twitter is a little under two weeks.

Despite this being her official debut, her track ‘Reason’ is a flurry of upbeat electro pop that show Camelia Spritz knows how to write good pop music. The song features a bouncy bass line and is accompanied by countless quirky electronic touches, like bells and xylophones, before evolving into a catchy chorus. Spritz’s voice is strong and knows how to use emotion to create an atmosphere of innocence and fragility.

Her sound will be a welcome addition for fans of folk influenced pop like Maggie Rogers, Haim and Chairlift.  Though her music has an undeniable British quirk to it and seems to have a predominantly more synth and electronic-based structure.

Her other tracks ‘Lilac’ and ‘Think About It’ continue that upbeat electronic vibe that seem to connect her songs, showing that she has a big idea of how she wants her music to sound. Camelia Spritz has given an impressive debut of tracks and we can’t wait to hear more.

Words by Tilly Dowman

Tipped by Rob from Fresh On The Net and Linn Branson from Little Indie

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