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The North East perhaps isn’t the first place you would think to go for exciting new Hip Hop stars with stories to tell, but alternative hip hop group Ceiling Demons are quickly becoming a name on many people’s lips for good reason.

Their track ‘Stones‘, released earlier this month, starts with raw eroding noise before spacing out creating a hazy and dark body of sound, on top of which MC brothers Psy and Demon lay out even darker lyrics. Sonically it brings to mind Massive Attack with the stoic emotion of Portishead.

Lyrically complex, the song covers death and remorse through the metaphor of sinking like a stone. Its mood is incredibly dark and hopeless but like all good hip hop it commands you listen to the story. The additional bleak production ensures the mood hits home.

Ceiling Demons are already picking up a lot of support from Tom Robinson and Scroobius Pip amongst others so it will only be a matter of time before their profile grows and grows. ‘Stones‘ is part of a new tape called ‘Belly of the Hopeless‘ due for release on May 27th.

The group are also playing live in Yorkshire and Generator’s very own Evolution Emerging in Newcastle on May 28th so if you get the chance, check them out.

Words by Scott Hastie

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