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Today’s tip should only take you two minutes to listen to, but we guarantee you’re going to want to replay it a good ten times. It’s called ‘Diesel Therapy’ and comes from London four-piece CHILDCARE.

Despite the band’s name, this kind of music probably doesn’t embody the kind of music you’d want to leave your child with. Its harsh driving punk rock with spits of British rap rock which Jamie T and more recently Sleaford Mods have been mastering.

The track is produced by Ben Jackson of To Kill A King and that pedigree comes through as the song features simple yet effective Ramones-like riffs at a bpm which is not miles from what Slaves have been ruling the UK with.

The song kicks off and blurts out air raid sirens which again add to the mania occurring within the short two minute song.

Singer Ed Cares is a great new character on the UK alternative scene and his energy leading into the final chorus sounds almost possessed with the speed and intensity at which he is throttling the lyrics at us.

The track is out on Best Laid Plans Records now, and you can witness Childcare’s live show a week later on the 29th at The Islington in London.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse from Sentric Music

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