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There’s a new kid on the downtempo electronica scene: Cold Courage.

‘Her’, the first track released by the 23-year-old producer, sees astute samples skip alongside feral vocals and protruding percussion with understated flair.

How none of those individual elements are lost in his layering is surely testament to that; in fact, the track’s entire composure really does belie the producer’s experience (or rather, lack of).

His compositional touch just seems instinctive, and this is never more clear than when he employs the chorus of chime instruments throughout to devastating effect. In a way similar to Bonobo and Four Tet, the track’s warmth comes from shunning digital perfection for something more organic.

Ultimately, if his debut five-track EP of the same name is anything as suave and refined as this, expect this new kid to graduate soon within the scene to reach the top.

Words by Chris Haywood

Tipped by Tom Cotton from Amazing Radio

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