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Using their new song as a case study, it’s evident that Coquin Migale prefer not to faff about. ‘Grindie’ chucks itself straight into top gear from the first note and powers on throughout for just short of 3 minutes of non stop action.

‘Grindie’ is driven on from pretty much every angle, there’s an energetic poppy drum beat below it all that combines nicely with the explosive bass, providing a constant onslaught of shifting energy. Gutsy and focused chord based guitar cranks out incessantly on top with raw howling vocals alongside.

It’s short and snappy and it’s everything that good powerful rock music should be. Something to get the crowd pumped-up and shouting the lyrics back towards the stage, and with the likes of BBC’s Huw Stephens bigging them up on the radio and appearing on the Glastonbury Festival longlist, things are definitely moving along nicely for the lads.

Words from  Rich Anderson

Tipped by Nick Roberts


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