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Daisy Victoria’s voice is something else and unlike anything I’ve heard in the last couple of years. It is also the aspect of this track, ‘Animal Lover‘, that most stands out. Somewhere between Marina of “And the Diamonds” fame and Kate Bush, the backing music is almost forgotten when her soaring melodies dominate the soundscape.

Having said that, the driving drums, vintage modern rock guitar tones and lines definitely add weight to the song.

Commonly described as socially anxious, you can hear the tinge of darkness this adds to her music. The themes she tackles here are atypical in their straight forward yet off-kilter subject matter. Whilst the title ‘Animal Lover‘ on first reading brings to mind alllll sorts of potential meanings, a scan through of the lyrics uncovers a pretty literal reading:

Capuchin monkeys sleeping
across his unmade bed
butterflies in the pantry
and half a human head

Her ‘Love’, it seems, is indeed a knowledgable animal lover, with the presence of half a human head creating some vivid midnight-movie imagery.

Dripping with artistic attitude and confidence, ‘Animal Lover‘ provides the sonic substance to the strong aesthetic style of the accompanying press shots, artwork and subject-matter. Daisy Victoria, it appears, is the full package.

Words by Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings

Tipped by Paul at hiapop Blog and Andy Von Pip

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