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I don’t want to sound too excited, but I think we’ve made it through winter… well the sky’s have been quite blue recently hasn’t it? What better way to celebrate the dawn of the spring and our joyous trip to summer with Daunt’s new single ‘Drive’, a lusciously relaxing electronic pop song, the first from his new EP ‘Unbearable Light’ that will be coming out any day now.

‘Drive’ consists of a laid back hip hop drum beat combined with a funky and chilled out bass line as a base, a simple mix that is executed wonderfully. Throughout the song there are little blips and bloops that drop out across the song and Will Daunt’s lush vocals float out on top of it all, it’s one of those songs where the moments of silence are as perfect as the moments of sound.

‘Drive’, as the name may suggest, feels like the perfect soundtrack for the first commutes back with the sun and the warm air accompanying your journey. It’s music that will pair perfectly with a beer in the park or a slow aimless walk through the city at sunset. The release of the EP can’t come soon enough at this point as we move into the longer days.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Marco Lorenzi from Indie For Bunnies and Indie + Tonic

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