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It’s the start of a New Year here at The Tipping Point and while the days keep ticking by, our objective remains the same. With the help of our nationwide network of Tippers, we will continue to bring you some of the very best new music around from emerging artists who we adore. With that in mind, we start 2017 with something a little poppy, a little electro and a lot gorgeous.

Named after a diamond, London-based Delaire has previously released upbeat pop music and funky R&B infused tracks. A 90s child, she says she is a pop girl at heart (she lists Kylie as being a dream collaborator) and her latest takes a little of both and blends them with dry ice, sci-fi synth lines and wobbly electronics.

Heartfelt, emotive and beautiful, ‘Healing In Love’ also shimmers with a subtle sultriness. We shouldn’t be too surprised, it is, after all, a tale of healing yourself after a broken relationship and the restorative powers of rebound sex. ‘Healing In Lust’ would be, she has joked, a suitable alternative title.

Her vocal is soft, fragile, hurt and pleading yet also strong and resourceful. The hook is plaintive yet enticing while the beat is that of a smooth late night jam. The emptiness and pauses are as powerful and important as the chilled electronics and synths that create melodic fractals across which the vocal can glide effortlessly. We did say it was gorgeous.

It’s a great way for us to start the year and given that Delaire has recently been working with a lot of very cool producers, we fully expect to hear a lot more from her in 2017.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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