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Deyyess’ track, ‘Guns’, opens with harrowing twangs akin to ‘Come as You Are’ and although the opening echoes grunge-rock, the song is soon transformed.

As Deyyess begins to sing, her unique voice blends brilliantly with guitar and the song begins to take on a more electric feel.

The track undergoes another transformation as violins are introduced to the chorus. This, added to the fact Deyyess finally gets a chance to use her full voice, switches the song back into a calmer, classical feel.

Overall, Guns feels like a victorious track and perfectly showcases Deyyess’ talent as a singer. It’s refreshing to find a genuinely nice voice suited to many kinds of rhythms within a song. It is also a song that doesn’t ever quite settle down, but is better off for it.

Words by Ben Bowes

Tipped by Andy Von Pip

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