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Producer Dom Zilla is perhaps best known for his work with R&B songstress Lulu James, co-writing the exceptional ‘Be Safe‘.   Venturing out from behind the scenes and into the limelight, Dom Zilla releases his first ever solo track, ‘Take Home‘.

To begin with it’s a gloriously lush affair, as a jumpy synth line, upbeat vocals and hand claps exude a sophisticated optimism that belies its cathartic lyricism.  For those unfamiliar with Zilla’s penchant for Drum & Bass, what comes next will be a bit of a shock.  Sensual Indie vibes are replaced by a glitching breakbeat as things progress to a Jungle-inspired climax.  This is an ambitious track, a real statement of intent to set up his upcoming debut EP ‘Chasing Days‘, which is due for release in September.

Words by Lewis Lister

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