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When you hear that a band formed in art-school as part of a performance art project, you almost can’t help but roll your eyes. But get ready to cast aside any preconceptions, as Dream Wife will chew them up and spit them out. And then stomp on them.

The London-based (via Iceland for singer Rakel Mjöll) trio cite some of their influences as The Spice Girls, Grimes, Kathleen Hanna and Sleater Kinney, so their riot-grrrl meets bubblegum pop sound is no surprise (Dream Wife refer to it as ‘poolside pop with a bite’).

On the surface, ‘Kids‘ is indeed sugary ‘poolside pop’; all dreamy, simple pop power chords and sweet vocals, but there’s a scuzzy underside to the girl-group harmonies, like a sour candy. There’s a ‘don’t mess with us’ girl power attitude lurking just underneath the glittering, oozing sass.

Words by Linsey Teggert

Tip by Tiffany Daniels from Drunken Werewolf 

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