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It’s clear from the opening bars of DULAHLI’s latest track, ‘Machines’, that his is a deliciously dark and different world to ours. A low Vangelisy synth line surfaces from beneath trickling electronica bringing a sense of unease and foreboding. It’s a hell of an introduction to this enigmatic and wildly talented producer.

A quick google reveals little beyond his location (Leeds) influences (Roland Kirk to Prince to Delia Derbyshire to Madlib) and that he is a member of 8MANA (a collective of producers, DJs, performers and MC’s valuing musical integrity, progression and innovation).

What is clear is that his work is very exciting. He is taking disparate elements, the old and the new, mainstream and leftfield and merging them into one coherent and intoxicating whole. For example, his earlier track, “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”, is pretty much classic pop fare, but is layered over this wonderfully stark and echoey electronic bed where emptiness is as important as sound.

‘Machines’, which features the vocals and lyrics of Bea Fletcher, is a wonderland of warped electronics, break beats, 90’s infused ambient melodies and sci-fi synths. There’s a Buck Rogers feel to the glitchiness, a retro-future vibe that clashes perfectly with the often industrial instrumentalisation that in turn clashes with the soft vocoder tinged vocal.

It’s like a science experiment in musical form, adding in different elements to cause a reaction. With his talent and innovation, the reaction to DULAHLI is pretty much always going to be ‘wow’.

Words by Adam from Alphabet Bands

Tipped by Rob Platts

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