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Two years on from his initial introduction, alternative solo artist ESSE is back with a first taste of his upcoming EP. ‘Dissolve’ will be the lead single of ESSE’s debut Extended Play titled Deep Heart, released on the 31st of March. His original offering was a track also named ‘Deep Heart’, stirring up the blogosphere with its spaciousness and subtle electronics giving way to the artist’s emotional croon.

Listening to his latest offering ‘Dissolve’, it’s clear that ESSE means business. It’s a strong track that explores a wide range of atmospheric and emotive textures. All of the clicking beats and hazy synthesisers are pinned down by ESSE’s rasping vocals, which become intertwined with those of an unknown female, combining in perfect unison. “I’m holding on until I disappear” sing both voices in desperation, as the track reaches a fervent climax.

Words by Nad Khan

Tipped by Rob Duffy from The Indie Curator

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