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The latest twist in the evolution of DIY music has allowed a new type of artist to emerge – able to exist free from the barriers that can arise when trying to push new music to the next level. One such artist is Esther Joy Lane. With refreshing candour, the Oxford-based electronic musician cites Garageband and Soundcloud as the sparks that ignited her musical potential.

Esther Joy Lane’s flourishing creative freedom is certainly evident in ‘Make A Way‘, the pensive opening track of her self-titled EP. Emerging from a reverb-soaked wash of ominous synths (hinting at a possible fondness for Burial), the track strikes a rare balance – with a boldness and clarity that is instantly engaging, but an intricacy that rewards repeated listens. Her low, mellow voice is evocative of Rhye and Annie Lennox, with her crisp production and punchy electronic beats lending a brightness to the track’s delicate melancholy.

‘Let me run’ sings Lane as the track draws to a close, a neat allusion to the momentum she deservedly gained last year. And judging by her unique ability to escape categorisation, she shows no sign of slowing down in 2016.

Words by Calum Howard from Grey Tapes

Tipped by Dave Maul from Are You Listening?


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