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Leaving familiar locales for somewhere new is quite a common thing among bands trying to free themselves from distractions. But when the familiar locale is Australia and the destination is Manchester, as was the case with FAIRCHILD, then it’s a little different – they must’ve been fed up of the sun. But when the end result of this distraction-free existence is a tune as great as their latest single ‘Breathless’ then it all seems worth it.

The product of what was essentially a massive brainstorm, with all six members throwing any ideas at the wall, working on their own or in small groups to see what stuck, “Breathless” is a great example of what being more open to musical exploration can bring. It’s also, most importantly, a fantastic track that oozes sexuality out of every one of those slinking basslines.

As choppy, woozy guitars ala Total Life Forever-era Foals are layered on top of icy cold synths, the track slowly builds and builds to an explosive finale. And yet, while the influence of the 80s bands they love is worn so clearly on their sleeves, it feels distinctly there.

Something new, but rooted in the past. A standard-bearer for not being afraid to think outside the box and try a new way of putting together a song.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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