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22-year-old Leeds-based producer Favela is a whole tangle of influences. Growing up playing classical music, then finding a love of The National and Bon Iver before going the route of Mount Kimbie, has led him into the world of beautifully delicate and often otherworldly electronic music. He creates worlds that you can get lost in but feel so very intimate; worlds created as though they were just for you.

Sitting at the end of Favela’s latest EP, Future Visions, Blinker acts as the perfect closer to the EP. The looping, skittering beats under Favela’s crooning voice, which brings to mind Jamie Woon at his most reflective by way of Thom Yorke, take you to a place of reflection. It’s simple and beautiful, like watching the sunrise from a clifftop. Balmy and ethereal, it washes over you like a cool wave.

Words by Chris Taylor

Tipped by Tim Dickinson from The Blue Walrus

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