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Though they’ve branded themselves as post-punk (complete with a Joy Division cover on their latest 7”, in case anyone forgot), the latest track from York-based Fawn Spots, ‘New Sense’, smacks of post-hardcore sensibilities. Raspy, throaty vocals couple with sparse instrumentals for an intense sound.

Pulling heavy influence from bands like At the Drive In and the latest sounds of the legendary Propagandhi, ‘New Sense’ lacks a hook, but only because the tune is a powerhouse all the way through.

If this song is any indication, their upcoming release shows promise and diversion from their start as a clumsy but gritty and enjoyable band that proudly learned how to play their instruments two weeks before they began playing shows.

Their next album, out on 9 March, will certainly be accompanied by more of their storied frenzy.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Laura Eley

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