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There is something unnerving yet beautiful about ‘Wisdom Teeth’, todays track from London trio Feature. From the opening tapping of the drumsticks to the drawn out feedback filled conclusion it’s a fun filled frenzy, striking in a simplicity that’s seductively accomplished.

The song, which comes from Tourists, a split EP with Slowcoaches, is concerned with objective truth. Perhaps not the easiest subject to write a song about while keeping people entertained but there’s surreal quality that sustains the track, it’s an amused yet disaffected atmosphere that’s tantalizingly provocative.

It’s also well worth watching the accompanying video by Maria Cecilia, every bit as fun as the song itself and as equally disturbing! Feature members, Liv Willars, Jen Calleja and Heather Perkins, are making quite a name for themselves, Wisdom Teeth demonstrates why.

Words by Aidan Armstrong

Tip by Tiffany Daniels from Drunken Werewolf

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