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From Feldspar’s upcoming EP comes ‘Five Years’, an eerie tune of obsession sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck.

“If I can’t have you, no one can.” This creepy line dangles on the edge of the closest resemblance the song has to a chorus, with a dramatic pause for effect.

Frays of emotional discord run parallel to the instrumentals, which overlap with different degrees of distortion.

The line between overkill and anthemic is a thin one, but ‘Five Years’ walks it perfectly with masterfully engineered sound that claims the perfect balance for a moody, intense effect.

The song plateaus in a dramatic breakdown backed by a guitar reminiscent of an 80s power ballad, but it doesn’t overtake the clear and effortless notes of Will Green, lead vocalist, whose range is unique and engaging.

This promising track is laden with echoes of the rough, angsty and achingly sad Jimmy Eat World of yore. Though the song clocks close to four minutes, it leaves you wanting more- a good sign for the rest of their upcoming album.

The band will be headlining our next Tipping Point showcase event at The Sebright Arms on Tuesday 30th June.

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Chris from Disorder Music

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