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Plucked from their latest EP – Summer of Luv released via Killing Moon / Alya Records, ‘ADHD’ is the new single from Leeds-based band Fizzy Blood.

Clocking in at around 3 minutes, which is just about long enough for those with ‘shrinking attention spans’, the track grabs you right from the off with a thumping kick and spiky duelling guitar riff intro. Distinct vocals then pierce the musical soundscape, before the song builds to a cacophony of noise in the numerous heavy-rock breakdowns. All the while however, the vocals incredibly still breakthrough the layered guitars and pounding backline, in what is overall a very polished sound.

Eventually as the song closes, the energy relents and the ferocity fades as their attentions seem to drift, bringing the whole hyperactive episode to a conclusion; all the while picking up new followers such as those at the Radio 1 Rock Show, where the track was premiered, in their wake. Having previously played prestigious slots as SXSW and Reading & Leeds festivals, the band are no strangers to big live shows, so with a UK tour coming up this autumn supporting the likes of Arcane Roots & Dinosaur Pile Up be sure to catch them in a city near you.

Words by Nathanial Kemp-Hall

Tipped by Aaron Snowdon

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