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Fizzy Blood are a Leeds based rock band who have achieved quite a lot in the year that they’ve been together. The indie punk five-piece have already been bigged up by Kerrang and Radio 1 among others, they’ve played Download Festival and Liverpool Sound City Festival and to top it all off they were picked up by punk legends Dead Kennedys to support them on their tour.

January Sun’, from the recently released EP ‘Feast’, is catchy and addictive rock, with pangs of Kyuss like stoner rock fused with heavy British indie. The song is driven throughout with commanding drums and bass whilst a melodic guitar riff dances across it all playing alongside the vocals. The song then opens the gates and unleashes the fury as everything is picked up to the next level of intensity, a heaviness that is very much welcomed and conducted brilliantly.

January Sun’ is a banger of a tune and it’s a perfect demonstration of why Fizzy Blood have got where they are in such a short amount of time and sets them up well to go even further.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Stuart James Box from Picture Sound and Becky Ayres from Liverpool Sound City

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