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Noisy, strained, hostile and fiery, four reasons that you should immediately crank your speakers up to full and listen to the new single from Croydon based noise makers Frauds. ‘Suck Jobs’ clocks in at just over two minutes long and it is two minutes of pure intensity and energy from the duo consisting of Mike on Guitar and Chris on drums.

‘Suck Jobs’ is a song about stag-dos and the hatred that Mike and Chris have for them, the lad behaviour and the pack mentality that comes with them and the apparent normality that is allowed by the tradition.

Full on from the get go the track starts out with a hooky guitar riff and charging drums, quickly joined by lairy, shouted lyrics, the energy grows and stores like a spring before a brief burst forth that throws everything at the listener. In a brief interlude there is a back and forth between the two members screaming the question ‘Are you with the lads, or are you with the boys’ before it all breaks down into a discordant and syncopated solo section. The intensity returns for the back end of the song, with the lyrics getting louder and less coherent before the abrupt end.

It’s one of those songs that gets you shifting around and twitching for the nearest mosh pit to roam around in, it also looks to have an effective go at a social commentary, all be it a little tongue in cheek. Conceptually the song does well to capture the classic ‘ladz on tour’ vibe, progressing through a heavy night on the town that deteriorates to incoherency before blacking out all together. ‘Suck Jobs’ is set for release on the 30th of October and will be followed by the debut album, and off the back of this song it’s an album to keep your eye out for if you’re a fan of fierce and full on rock.

Words by Richard Anderson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse

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