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To this pop-punk fan, the best part of “Mean Heart,” the latest track from Get Inuit’s “dirty pop” (not to be confused with the NSYNC track of the same name…I assume) repertoire, are the nasal, sneering, vocals that inject this bouncy, catchy tune with enough attitude to really make it stand out. Without them, the song teeters dangerously on the verge of being generic.

For all the discordant and jarring vocal work, the instrumentals are crisp and clean, working into a fun breakdown with unexpected grit as guitars layer on top of guitars to create a rock-fueled clamor. It’s the kind of dancey, poppy rock popular ten years ago with bands like the D4 and the Donnas, and I didn’t know I had missed that sound until I heard it again from Get Inuit.

If you’re looking for the lyrics to “Mean Heart,” you’ll find them on the autoplay lyrics video on Get Inuit’s website, but good luck- bright, flashing colours accompany it and it’s probably one of the most seizure-triggering music videos in human existence (seriously, not kidding- be careful).

Words by Maggie McBride

Tipped by Charlotte Holroyd from Bitter Sweet Symphonies

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