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GIRLI rails against gender stereotypes on new track ‘Girls Get Angry Too‘; bemoaning the arbitrary societal expectations of both sexes. “Someone said to me that girls don’t really get angry – they just whine, while another person told me that it was ‘cute; that I rapped” explains the Londoner. “I’ve been asked if I was on my period just because I told somebody to do something and Hamley’s told me that the fireman toy I really wanted was for boys. All these experiences inspired to write this song for anyone else wanting to belittle me just because I’m a girl”.

Although the track’s comes through loud and clear lyrically (“I don’t wanna have babies / Don’t need a man to save me / Is that a problem love?”) – it’s the song’s packaging that makes things really interesting. The sardonically pink OTT visuals drip with disdain, while the ultra-clean, bubblegum production is a clear vessel for subversion.

If South East London’s PC Music were to sign the lovechild of Kate Tempest and Scroobius Pip, they might just end up with a sound like GIRLI‘s. Make no mistake, ‘Girls Get Angry Too‘ is as arresting as it is irritating; just as Punk should be.

Words by Lewis Lister

Tip by Kristi Shinfuku


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