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Strap in and get ready for a relentless and intense two minutes thirty, courtesy of Littlehampton based GLOO. ‘Let Me Have Some’ is the new single to come from the punk duo and it’s non-stop riffing and driving drums combined with raw strained vocals takes you on one hell of a ride.

The energy is released straight out of the gates with distorted guitar thrashing away and quickly joined by drums and vocals. Through the whole track there is only one very brief breather, and given the average liveliness of the song it’s not really much of a respite relatively speaking. The lyrics pair well with the strength and power, with lines such as ‘I’ll be a slave today, put me in chains’ and ‘We take what we don’t need, with no apology’ shouting out in protest alongside the apocalyptic instrumentation.

This track is one of those that you just want to lose yourself to and I can only imagine how intense it would be to experience live. With ‘Let me have some’ GLOO have taken a time tested formula and matched any classic that you could think of.

Words by Rich Anderson

Tipped by Simon Pursehouse

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