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The name Gutxi Bibang almost works as onomatopoeia in the sense that if you say his name you expect explosive gritty music. You get that from the first few seconds of his track ‘System Of A Gun’.

Gutxi Bibang are a bluesy rock three-piece from London, with singer and shredder Guxti himself having a voice that you could file alongside the likes of Royal Blood and Jet. It’s that powerful rock vocal you know has just about blown the microphone to smithereens when recording. The music is loud and dramatic and doesn’t take long at all launching into a guitar solo fit for a King.

The track is their debut release and comes in at only two and a half minutes which leaves us seriously feeling the need for more. Thankfully if you can make the trip, the band play This Feeling’s show on the 4th March at The Water Rats in London.

Words by Scott Hastie

Tipped by Lindsay Call from Atwood Magazine

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