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Soulful singer-songwriter from Durham, Harri Endersby is set to storm the contemporary folk scene in the North East. Mixing acoustic and electronic elements in her new album Homes/Lives , Harri develops a more ethereal, otherworldly feel than her previous EP Ivy Crown. Listen to the glorious Shadows from the Ivy Crown EP.

Harri presents crystal clear vocals, and wholesome lyrics which surround ideas of freedom, home, love, and the natural world around us. Her impressive vocal dexterity has both delicacy and strength, supported by a steadily finger-picked guitar.
Listen to tracks from her new album Homes/Lives on the Harri Endersby website
Look out for her first national tour starting this November, as well as the Watermill Sessions finale gig at Sedgefield Manor House in June.
You can catch Harri Endersby headlining the Ernest Stage at Evolution Emerging 2017. 9.30pm on the 27th of May

Words by Rebecca Gregson

Tipped by Evolution Emerging 2017

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