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Leeds based indie-pop band Heir have found what they’re great at so early into being a band and their new single ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ is perfect proof of that. Following on from previous releases, Heir have produced a track that is laden with irresistible melodies and distinctive vocals from Tom Hammond. In parts, it is reminiscent of Everything Everything but with both ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ and other recent release ‘Be Somebody’ there is a distinctive style to Heir that separates them from other indie-pop contemporaries.

Heir have already embarked on a release tour in support of ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ which has seen them play in Manchester and London as well as in Gent and Utrecht. It all started in the best bar in Leeds though with a free show at Oporto in March. Heir are in sound company in Leeds, It’s one of the most supportive music communities in the country and should hopefully see them flourish and continue to release more great music.

Their next UK gig sees them open The Wardrobe stage for Live At Leeds Festival.

Words by Cal Kilpatrick

Tipped by Beth Heaton

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